Precious 2. The journey begins.

05/05/2013 § Leave a comment

My mum has been religiously documenting Amelia’s milestones. Her new milestones is her bountiful ability to converse. That day, she asked her friend ethan (a little fellow who is about the same age as her) “Ethan, do you wear pampers?”

Other milestones charts her ability to sing and cite nursery rhythms which u will upload soon.

The one that tickles me is when she uses the word “tickle”. “I tickle moon! I tickle cat! I tickle papa!” in fact, tickles almost gets accompanied by any other word or objects.

Here’s a documentation from my mum:

She can said these phrases …… ‘ I don’t want’ , a very defensive statement, ‘is that you’, ‘I found you’, ‘what happen’, ‘po po throw away’, ‘are you tired’, ‘i found your key’ ‘utraman how are you?’ and she answered ‘I am good’, ‘I hear the sound’ when she put the dough in the box and shake it. She said ‘I squeeze gingerbread man’ using the dough. She said ‘I so busy’ when she plays with her hair clips. ‘What po po doing?’ when I look at my iphone. When she sits on the book she says the book is ‘like a chair’. When she meets people she will say ‘你好吗?’ or ‘good morning’ , ‘i put over there’ & i asked where ‘ she says ‘ on the piano’ when i asked her where she placed my card. when she saw me reading newspaper after her afternoon nap she ask,’ po po what you doing?’
She will say, ‘po po so busy’ when she saw me doing something. She likes to say, ‘I tickle you, tickle fish, tickle bear, tickle gong gong’.
She said, ‘po po clean my backside’ when she felt wet. She can say, ‘how come like that’ when i throw the drawing mat on the floor.
We both lie on the floor and she asked,’I ask you want to get up or not’. and she said, ‘I cannot get up’. She kept saying, ‘the man injured’. today. (26th apr’13)
She threw the play dough on the floor and I said I am not going to play with her. Later when I started to roll the dough for her, she said, ‘po po play with you already,well done’. (30th apr 2013) when I offered her chocolate. ‘she asked, ‘big big chocolate’ means she wants a big piece.


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