23 months turning 24.

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Two amazing conversations took place today. I’m amazed by their growth. From babbling to full constructed sentence and to little people with opinions…

Me: where’s my phone.
And Amelia passed it over.
Amelia: I found!

The 2nd conversation took place at cotton on kids, after a little girl with a pretty headband walked past. Amelia said, “so nice. Her hairband is so nice.”



Bye bye age 1.

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Amelia turns 2 this April 19 and we’ve booked a Staycation for that occasion. Really looking forward to it!! Time really really flies and next year she will be schooling!

It’s feverish trying to find a preschool for her. Everything is expensive and promises to give the best, it doesn’t make it easy… Juggling between a heavy load of school work this term and visiting the kindergartens has been crazy.

Anyway, the next few paragraphs are about charting her milestones.
I’ve missed out on some, she’s amazing us everyday with new things she’s learnt. Popo has done an excellent job, I must say and I’m really thankful for the support she has been giving me.

At 21 months: amelia is able to recite from A to Z.
Sentence construction: 3 to 5 words
Excellent imitation skills on imitating words after us.
Starts to have an opinion… She will request to go the opposite direction when she doesn’t like what she sees.
22 months: stronger sentence construction with more words.
I realized she really loves to jump.
High energy kid.
23 months. Where we are at now.
Ability to express herself by telling me and Norman “I love u mama” “I love u papa”.
Starts to sing in sentences better.
I love hearing her honesty. When asked something which she hasn’t got the answer to, she says “I don’t know.”
I love a kid with positive opinions.
Yesterday, when I asked her, “who do u think popo is talking to?”
Amelia says, “popo is talking to tai po, I think….”
Wow!!! Her ability to use “I think” is ├╝ber cute!!!
Rejects by saying “I don’t want” when we request to tickle her, or shower her face with too much kisses.
She is getting out of her shell. “hi and byes” are now a common gesture to a friendly neighbour.
She gets influenced by enotions and tears when her baby cousin cries. I’d like to think of that as a great heart filled with compassion.

No grand closure but I know in my heart, that Amelia will grow up to be a very compassionate girl.

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