Documenting Am’s sensory play – 21 months

27/01/2013 § Leave a comment

Since I’ve started my journey of teaching Am, I’ve been trying to find interesting activities to engage her.

Sensory play is the most successful activity so far and it can really keep her entertained for some time.

Through sensory play, I try to engage Am in a conversation by describing the actions… “Let’s transfer the rice from this container to that!” and the containers are intentionally different in sizes so that I can take the chance to teach her about volume, and shape. “Let’s pour the rice into the rectangular container now!”

I’ve made it a rule that the containers can only be on the pink mat. This is important so that the play doesn’t get all over the place and in my opinion, i think it’s a good rule because she knows that this is the area where mess is allowed to be created.
(Unless you aren’t particular about mess, go ahead.)

I started off with beans because they are a lot easier to pour and less finer. The child can pick the spilled beans as well and it’s good training on their motor skills. With Am, I’ve also set another play rule. If the beans spills out of any container, the play has to stop and she has to clean the mess first. This is an opportunity for them to learn to clean up and “count” the spilt beans.
Take every opportunity to make a conversation so that the child can “collect” a range of vocabularies. With beans, I’ve introduced different coloured beans so that there is an opportunity to talk about colors and separate the beans into their coloured categories as well. (This part hasn’t been exactly successful as Am is more into pouring and feeling the beans. Perhaps with time, it could happen)

Am introduced the rubber ducky into her play and finds it funny when the duck got buried under the rice.

I’m more liberal with rice spillage as long as the mess doesn’t get crazy.
Here are the pictures, documenting her learn through play.




20130127-162848.jpgthe unfortunate rubber ducky! Lol


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