Fun activities for Am

25/01/2013 § Leave a comment

I’ve prepared some materials for Am’s Saturday learning adventures. These concepts are based on the objectives of acquiring and perfecting life practical skills.

Here’s the first activity:
Shoe lacing
Using a shoe lace to go through the holes created on the paper plate portraits. I’ve intentionally created specific facial feature such as brown eyes, blue eyes, pink lips, and even applying eye shadow on the faces I drew, so that I can teach colors as well.

Objective: lacing the shoelace through the holes can help with fine motor skills.
Be descriptive as the activity is being carried out. Describe facial features and colors.

This is also another activity for lacing. The objectives of learning are the same but I plan to do abit of a “story telling” as I go along. The cards when are looped by the shoe lace would look like a caterpillar. So I’d do a little role playing of the insect.


This is the eye drop activity, adapted from Montessori’s practical life skills.



This final activity is to spoon the rice and pour them through the funnel. Am really enjoys the “bean” activity. She’d pour the beans container to container. Scoop them and separate them. This activity is able to keep her occupied for quite some time. Hopefully, changing the beans to rice would refresh the excitement for her.

I use water as an alternative “material” as well. She loves it and this is the snap shot taken from today. She’s really absorbed into the activity!


Am spooning the beans


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