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20/01/2013 § Leave a comment

This is the progress of the mail box ive been working on for Am. A good friend forwarded me a great piece of advise which I will bear in mind to carry out daily if I am in the right state of mind. This is the quote from David Walsh: “…the strongest predictors of a child’s reading ability in school is the amount of one to one conversation between caregiver and child in the first 3yrs of his life.” it makes absolute perfect sense and that’s what I will try to do everyday. I think toddlers are appreciative of conversations we try to make with them. The rewards might not be immediate or even responsive but my husband and me realized that Am has expanded on her vocabulary since we’ve spent 7 days with her in Taipei on a holiday. Describing everything we see and do as much as we can, the improvement in her speech was evident.

As I’ve also mentioned that new ways must be invented to teach Amelia on the aspects which I’ve highlighted on the earlier post, such as introducing the sand alphabets and numbers. So, in response to my “problem” I’ve created the mail box. This will act as a conversation starter of all sorts. Even the different faces I’ve drawn on the box can be made used to describe feelings that are felt when anyone recieves a mail. Etc aren’t u excited to find out what’s inside? Is the news making you happy? Etc… Id just be spontaneous as I go along.

A list of expressions I’ve created:




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