Educating a toddler

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I haven’t been consistent in documenting her learning journey and milestones.
So, I’ve consolidated everything in a nutshell. Here’s what has been happening in the tiny life of Am.

Amelia’s learning journal
Date: 09 to 18 January 2013
Age: Amelia at 20 turning 21 months.
Milestones: Can count from 1-10 in English and Mandarin.
Repeating almost everything we say.
More refined ability to imitate actions (etc, dance moves) and poses.
Able to swipe and navigate the iphone very well. (Imitation)
Forming sentences.
Trying to sing.
Better spooning control.

Milestones that tickles me: Tries to repeat after me when I rap Kriss Kross’s Jump Lyrics “wiggly wiggly wiggly whack and the miggity mighty mighty mac”. So she will gibber and finally say “wack”.
I tried to teach her the Oppa Gangnam Style moves and she succeed at the first move (the wrist bouncing moves) and applies it on any other rhythmic music she hears.

Discovering Amelia’s passions: We’ve noticed that she’s a keen learner on dance moves, especially when the K-POP channel is on. Let’s see if she’s musically inclined.

Teaching and learning milestones:
I have been reading up on the Montessori methods of teaching, but well-aware that the method doesn’t work well on everyone. So, I’ve set my mind to practice flexibility in teaching Am. Here’s what we’ve been busy with.

– Using the Montessori sand paper lettering and object identification.
Introduced the letter a,b,c,d,e, s, t, i, g and a few more which I can’t remember
Her response to this: Enjoyed it and demands to “play”.
– Introduced colour sorting by beads and button
Her response to this: Enjoyed it as well. Grasping the concept of differentiating well. However, my gut feel on this activity is that Am will be bored after the 4th time. So, I’m pulling this one out for the time being.
– Activity_Water pouring from container to container
Her response to this: Absolutely loved this!
– Introduced the numbers 1,2,3 and blocks counting
Her response to this: Bland. I think she knew that she had to go through this so that we can end the activity.
-Introduced beans pouring
Her response to this: Absolutely loved this as well. I made it a rule that whenever the beans spill out, she will have to pick them up before the pouring and transferring can continue. So, it also lessens the pain of having the beans spilling all over. In a few practices, she has almost perfected the skill of pouring without spilling.
The activity keeps her entertained her for quite a while. To widen the variation, I will introduce rice instead of beans.
Observations on the Montessori Methods: Using a mat to dictate that this is the “discovery/learning” spot is really efficient.
The learning materials are being placed in a black bag and whenever I get back from work, Amelia will start pointing to the bag and start saying “abc…abc…” which clearly shows that she is keen to learn and happy with the process. She almost “pesters” me on that. At least I know that the learning process hasn’t been a torture for her.
When I name the objects, I will encourage her to repeat after me. Most of the time, she will attempt to, but if she doesn’t I wouldn’t force her as I know she will say it at her own time.
Introducing the concept of numbers: I’ve used wooden blocks (Bought in Daiso) to represent the numerals.
Etc. 1=1 wooden block, 2=2wooden blocks, and so on…
The first and second lesson was all right, but Amelia lost interest after that because of the predictability.
I will have to work something out and introduce numbers in a more interesting way.

Plans forward:
Introduce Math in more interesting way
Implement “question everything” on everything
Teach music consistently.

20130118-212011.jpg Am: I used to wonder why papa and mama always how a box in the air. Now that I’ve done it, I’m simply not amused.


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