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12/05/2011 § Leave a comment

Here I am, waking at 4.30am on the milky way, expressing out.
I know that she’s a bundle of joy to have. No complaints about that at all! But the truth is: life hasn’t been any greener on the other side of the field. No books that I’ve read has prepared me for this at all! And mum’s friends that I’ve been talking to, has not warned me that milking out has a timeline to meet!

Breastfeeding is HARD work. It’s all work and no play. I know what they say about bonding and all. Yes, there is bonding, but it also comes with a heavy price of backache for first time mums as we’re not used to getting the “right position” and “right angle” and “doing it right”. Its not as easy as the brochure made it to be. I was looking at an AVENT brochure, where it guides you how to breast feed. The picture is misleading. It shows a pretty cacusasian lady smiling while she’s breast feeding. Her hair was all in place and she has makeup on! More importantly, SHE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A COW. LOL.

I’ve also got another classic example to share:
Sprained wrist. I’ve heard that a friend managed to sprain her wrist during breastfeeding! How did that happen?!! I asked when I was pregnant. It’s hilarious and never occurred to me that I could be a victim of sprained wrist as well. Hmm.
Until you’re a mum, you’d never understand what I mean.

Deadline: Breastfeeding comes with tears and more hard work than any advertising deadline. A poor analogy but I could only think of this example, having experiencing pitch fever deadlines and deadlines on a normal basis. Advertising deadline pales in comparison to “expressing out milk” deadlines. At least, in advertising, deadline comes and goes. But for “expressing out milk” deadlines, I didn’t know that it’s got to be done at least within 3 hours interval.
Note: The more milk you express, it sends a signal to the brain to produce more milk. Logically, you will have more milk when you express more. I didn’t know that at first until a conversation with my sister-in-law, who exclaimed: “NOT ENOUGH!!!” After telling her that I only do it once a day. After 1 month, you will noticeably see the decrease in your milk flow.after a month. (Note that this is not necessarily true, according to my Dr.) That explains me panicking and waking up at 4.30am. The only good thing I get out of this is “Milkspiration” for writing this entry. Hahaha. Hopefully, I get more time to write more as I season myself along the path of motherhood :-)


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