The whys of Frozen

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Am’s first movie was Frozen and she is really into it.
Now she claims that she is a Princess.Am: “I am Anna.” “I am a princess”
(She is already the princess at home, and she doesn’t know it?!? What!?!?)
And she will say: “I want hair like Elsa. Make my hair like Elsa”.
On Sundays, she will have special request: “Mama, make me a crown. I want a crown.” Those 2 theme songs from frozen” Let it go”, “Do you want to build a snowman”, we must have sung the song at least 20 times that Sunday,  the tune got soooo stuck in my head, as it did in hers. So much so that she was singing the chorus  in her sleep “Let it go….. let it go….”Frozen doesn’t freeze here. LOL. This is the conversation that takes place almost every time we watch the video clip of “Do you want to build a snowman”
(in the part where the ship capsized, I’ve got lots of explaining to do)
Am: Uh-Oh, what happened to Elsa’s mama and papa?
Me: There was a storm and the ship sunk. Elsa’s parents got drown in the process.
Am: Did they catch fish for Elsa?
Me: Uh, no. They died.
Am: (totally not convinced) No. They jumped into the water to catch fish.
Me: No, they died. Look, their tombstones.
Am: Oh.  (Pause)  Can we make Elsa new papa and mama?
Me: Eh, nope. Doesn’t work this way. Some things are irreplaceable.
Am: Oh.Long pause.Am: What happened to Elsa’s papa and mama? The conversation would start all over again. I understand why little girls are so sold into the Disney’s lifestyle of princesses and castles.
It’s really magical. The princesses, even the doll, Elsa, looked so superior in comparison with the other stuff toys, I can imagine the sense of intimidation the other toys must have felt if they can feel.Anyway, her toy – Princess Elsa, has settled into our little home. She sings the theme songs of Frozen very well, teaches and reads to Amelia, laughs with her, fell too many times on her face (when Amelia dropped her), been to parties and speaks Mandarin and Singlish.
For now, she is Am’s best pal.Until a new princess comes along to steal her heart.


A mother’s guilt.

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I know I’m not alone. I wished that there was some sort of report card to tell me how I’m doing as a mom. At least, to manage my own expectations.

I’ve been spending a good amount of time on my etsy store, and this has been taking time away from Am. Despite the deep guilt, I’m really really LOVE what I’m doing and my small success, by far, has made me feel it’s worth the while.

The ultimate objective of it all, is to make it a home-grown business (hopefully), so that I get more flexible hours and would be able to spend some time with her. Needless to say, when I come across articles like “Letters to working mum – Stop feeling so guilty”, or  any thing that says “a woman must be happy, then her family will be happy”. It helps ease the guilt away for a while.

For the last 6 months, I have been working till the wee hours in the morning creating new designs for my etsy store. Caught a few hours of sleep, charged to work, only to feel spend 9 solid hours of consultations with students.

When I’m back, and faced with Am, she only gets what’s left of me. It makes me feel sad because it’s not fair for her.

It also doesn’t help when I chance upon Facebook posts of mother friends displaying how much effort they’ve put into teaching their children, and how much progress their children made after that. My guilt is magnified.

Since things like that frustrates me and when I see multiple feeds from them on the same occasion, I profile them under the acquaintance list, so that their feed don’t show up anymore. On sever cases, I “block” them totally. (I know it’s petty, but it helps to me keep my sanity)

Also, I haven’t been blogging about her for a while. She has grown so much and there’s so much I wish to blog about. Just lack of time. Anyway, to sum it up, here’s a quote about little ones that I’ve created a few weeks back.


From HelloAm. See it here.

Holiday Gift Wrap DIY Roundup

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M&J Blog

If your gift wrapping strategy needs a little revamping, check out these great gift wrap DIYs for some inspiration!

Instagram Gift Wrap from Lemon Jitters

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Glitter Wrapping from Best Day Ever

We said it before, we’ll say it again: we love sparkles! This glitter gift wrap DIY from Best Day Ever is perfect for those who share our sentiments!

Cozy Gift Wrap Boxwood Clippings

Keep your presents nice and cozy this holiday season. The adorable DIY from Boxwood Clippings shows you how to re-purpose those old sweaters into these cute gift sleeves!

Snowflake Thread Wrap from Oipaketti

Making this cute wrap will take…

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A documentation of Am’s faces

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She loves drawing sad faces.
Don’t ask me why. I’m trying to figure that out too.
Anyway, here’s a series of documentation over the past 2 months.

Image,  chilImage


This portrait is on JiuMu.
Unusually happy.



First we had each other, then we had you. Now, we have everything.

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Now at 31 months, my little girl is really an opinionated little someone.

The other day, we had a parent-teacher’s meeting,
the teacher described her as “interesting” as Am would only comply with the school’s activities on days when she felt like it.
On days when she didn’t felt like it, no one could force her.
And they realized that she loves ATTENTION.
While the rest of the children sits on the floor,
the teacher mentioned that Am would choose to “stand out” from the rest by sitting on a chair.

Her report card had a particularly comment that tickled me.
“In the process of things, Amelia would suddenly stop everything she is doing, take a walk around and look at her friends.”

Anyway, lesser words from me and I let the pictures do the talking as I document Am’s growth.


Learning alphabets through art.


Getting all mudded up but enjoying the mess.



This inspirational quote that I’ve just design in HelloAm, sums up EVERYTHING.



Dream + Harvest + Art

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Launching my latest series on Dream, Harvest and Art.

See them here










Leaves, clouds, raindrops, ponies & a tree on Amelia’s head

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Leaves, clouds, raindrops, ponies & a tree on Amelia's head

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at PM 09.15.02

Here’s what I’ve been really busy with.
Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming up in the next few days at HelloAm :-)